A summary meeting held within "eTwinning Plus" project
News ArchiveDecember 28, 2016

In the scope of National Center for Teacher Professional Development program “School Teacher Online System Involvement and Collaboration with the European Countries” (eTwinning Plus), the summary meeting was held.

The meeting aimed at sharing experiences, summarizing the activities and news of the current year. The teachers involved in the program presented their reports on their own projects, which have received the European Quality Label.

At the ceremony, some active teachers and school children engaged in the project who took part in the video contest "eTwinning in my school" were awarded.

The program "eTwinning Plus" is the educational network developed to promote the cooperation between schools of Europe and its neighboring countries, under which teachers communicate with each other, collaborate, develop joint educational projects and share experiences. The program involves 400 000 teachers from different European countries and their number is constantly growing. The program operates through an online platform, which provides the work space for the project participant teachers and offers them a variety of tools to implement their tasks.