Training for mentor teachers and inductees
News ArchiveMarch 12, 2012
Foreign specialists continue holding trainings at Teacher House. Another training for mentor teachers and inductees was delivered by Emily Thitich the expert from U.S.A 

In the scope of the training trainees with trainer discussed such topics as: Methods of teaching English as a foreign language and it’s new approaches. Principles of class management, different methods to increase motivation among students.

Specialist from USA with Georgian mentor teachers had also worked on improving the presentation skills and methods of preparing and explaining new materials. During the training mentor teachers and inductees worked in groups, and each of them had an opportunity to make a presentation.

In the framework of the Inductee Program, The National Center for Teacher Professional Development has a collaboration with the Embassy of The United States in Georgia. On the basis of the collaboration US Embassy in Georgia represented Emily Thitich as a trainer to the Teacher House.

American Trainer had already held similar trainings in Akhaltsikhe, Gori, Rustavi and Batumi.