Teacher guide created for vocational education teachers
News ArchiveDecember 12, 2016

Under the Vocational Teacher Education Development Program, with the UNDP financial and technical support, a teaching guide has been designed.

The event for the vocational education teacher pedagogical guide presentation was opened by George Machabeli, Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Ruediger Heining, the UNDP international project manager.

The Teaching Guide has been created by a group of authors. Before the adoption of the final version, the Guide had been repeatedly discussed with the practicing teachers of the vocational education in order to test and measure its practicality. The guide aims to promote vocational teachers so that they can plan and provide more effective, student-oriented theoretical and hands-on learning process.

The guide covers such areas as adult education principles, theories of vocational education, teaching interactive methods, provision of relevant environment for vocational education, vocational education teacher professional and self-evaluation development, also, the communication and motivation theories and their application in the teaching and practical training process.

"The United Nations Development Project together with the Swiss Development Corporation, from the very beginning supported the creation of the book. We supported the National Center for Teacher Professional Development in the project implementation. We hired a variety of experts and the teachers involved in the field that made a significant contribution in the development of the guide. Our goal is a maximum promotion of vocational education and development of vocational education teachers. "- declared Ruediger Heining at the presentation.

The UNDP project contribution was particularly emphasized by Machabeli George, Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development. He thanked the authors of the guide and expressed the hope that the project will productively continue to promote vocational education teachers in the future.

The vocational education teacher development program has been designed to promote the teacher training, professional development and career development system, as well as the development of the sector teacher competencies considering the teachers’ needs and ongoing changes in the field.