Civic education teachers being trained on bullying and violence issues
News ArchiveDecember 03, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development has launched the Civic Education Teacher Training Module "Bullying prevention and development of tolerance culture in schools". Today, George Machabeli, the Center Director, learned about the training progress.

At the training, civic education teachers have the opportunity to learn about the causes and types of violence and bullying; the types of domestic violence; the impact of stigma and stereotypical thinking on violence and bullying; the importance of effective communication, conflict resolution in bullying prevention; the importance of tolerance culture; the ways of school violence and bullying prevention; the measures to facilitate the development of social and emotional competencies for bullying and violence prevention; general principles of social - cognitive theory by Albert Bandura.

After the training, the teachers will be able to identify bullying and violence victims and also help to prevent bullying in the classroom, school and community.

At this stage 334 teachers will be trained in total. So far, 175 teachers have already been trained.

It should be noted that to date, the component of bullying and violence prevention has been an integral part of a number of other trainings. However, due to the greatest importance of the issue, National Center for Teacher Professional Development has decided to develop an entirely new training module for civic education teachers. The training module aims to promote the culture of tolerance and bullying prevention in schools.