Grant contest for teachers’ subject unions
News ArchiveNovember 30, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development announces a grant competition for teachers subject unions / associations. The goal of the competition is to involve the teachers subject unions / associations in the professional development and enhance their participation in the process, which will contribute to strengthening of external actors and creation of conditions for a gradual decentralization of the Center services.

The competition is open to subject or the subject group teacher unions that have a non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity status.

Subject to the competition objective, in the event of the grant award, applicants shall have the following tasks to perform:

  • plan and carry out public discussions on the standards with appropriate subject or subject group teachers, focus groups and prepare a relevant report;
  • carry out desk research, which will include a comparative analysis of the national curriculum new subject standards and the teacher professional standards;
  • indicate the research methodology, key findings and recommendations in the final report.

Any subject associations / unions interested in the competitions should submit a completed project application in the electronic application form no later than December 5 to the Center official website

The amount of the project requested from the Center should not exceed 7000 GEL.

For further information, see the attached file.

Electronic Application Form.