Memorandum of Cooperation
News ArchiveMarch 14, 2012
Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between The National Center for Teacher Professional Development and the Agency of the Protected Areas of Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia. The Director of the Center Gia Mamualshvili and the Head of the Agency Giorgi Shonvadze signed a memorandum which envisages the cooperation in different fields between the parties.

The Memorandum covers the different fields of cooperation:
                     1. Joint lectures and educational researches on the Protected Areas 
                     2. lectures and trainings by Teacher House trainers at the Agency of Protected Areas and it’s territorial administrations
                     3. Using the resource materials of Agency of Protected Areas in order to prepare and manage training modules.
                     4. public lectures which will be held by the representatives of Agency of Protected Areas at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development.

In the scope of the Memorandum of Cooperation Geography and Biology teachers will have an opportunity to attend the outdoor seminars, master classes and trainings in the future.