National Center for Teacher Professional Development representatives attend eTwinning Conference in Athens
News ArchiveNovember 07, 2016

Athens hosted the annual eTwinning conference - "eTwinning and Digital Citizenship" in which George Machabeli, the Director of the Teacher Development Center, Khatia Matkava, the Program Coordinator in Georgia and the teachers involved in the program participated.

During the conference, 40 discussion meetings were held, which dealt with the issues such as preparation of modern schools for the future digital society challenges, as well as the debates about the digital citizenship and cooperation among teachers both in Europe and abroad. Overall, more than 500 teachers from different countries participated in the eTwinning conference.

It important that it was the first time the officials of ministry of education from European countries were invited to the eTwinning conference, and among 27 countries there was Lia Gigauri, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia. A separate session was dedicated to the representatives of the ministries during which they jointly developed the further initial program development plan, which must be elaborated in the future at the national level, as well as the project management policy issues and procedures.

The program "eTwinning Plus" is the educational network developed to promote the cooperation between schools of Europe and its neighboring countries, under which teachers contact each other, collaborate, develop joint educational projects and share experience. The program involves 400 000 teachers from different European countries and their number is growing every day. The program operates through an online platform, which provides the work space for the project participating teachers and offers them a variety of tools to implement their tasks.