Master class for History teachers
News ArchiveMarch 19, 2012
Japanese scientist Hirotake Maeda held the master class at Teacher House. Scientist from Japan with Georgian History teachers discussed such topics as: Life and activities of Georgians in Safavid Iran. The Head of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development Gia Mamulashvili attended the master class.

The Author Hirotake Maeda presented his own publication . The book covers the historical sources about life and activities of Georgians in Iran in 16-18 centuries .The sources have been unknown for so long and they were discovered by Japanese scientist in Great Britain , Iran and Georgia. The book is called ,,Georgians in Safavid Iran`` and it is on the Ethno-social Background of the four Gholam Families from Georgia in Safavid Iran. These Georgian families described in the book belonged the Safavid Iran’s Political elite in 16-18 centuries, among them were such Georgian noble families as Undiladzde and Saakadze.

History teachers asked Japanese scientist different questions about the newly discovered historical sources and obtained interesting and needful information .Besides of the ,, Georgians in Safavid Iran``

Hirotake Maeda is the author of the ,,Modern History of Georgia``Hirotake Maeda is prominent orientalist in Japan and He is furthermore working on topics related to cultural exchanges between the Iranian and Caucasian peoples.