National Center for Teacher Professional Development starts civic education teacher trainings on bullying issues
News ArchiveNovember 04, 2016
For civic education teachers, National Center for Teacher Professional Development launches important trainings. If the subject teachers having any status register for the trainings, they will be provided with the comprehensive training on bullying and violence issues.

The training participants will have the opportunity to learn about the causes and types of bullying and forms of domestic violence, the impact of stigma and stereotypical thinking on violence and bullying; effective ways of communication and conflict resolution to prevent bullying; importance of tolerance culture; the ways to avoid violence and bullying at school; the importance of the development of social and emotional competencies in order to prevent bullying and violence among students; In addition, participants will be introduced to the general principles of social - cognitive theory developed by Albert Bandura.

The successful completion of the module will grant 1.5 credits to the trainees. Those interested in the training, please register no later than 10 November at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development website.