Georgian representatives attended "eTwinning" International Conference
News ArchiveSeptember 28, 2016
The City of Florence hosted the thematic conference "Citizenship: A new ethic for the 21st Century - the contribution of eTwinning" for teachers of various European countries involved in "eTwinning" project. The representatives from Georgia were Khatia Matkava, the Program Coordinator and two teachers registered in the program.

The thematic conference focused on how teachers should introduce democracy and tolerance values through ​​eTwinning and what eTwinning has provided for the last eleven years in this respect. Also, teachers were offered a variety of workshops, which will help them to actively work on the eTwining Plus portal and execute interesting projects.

The conference participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues, to establish common interests, visions and new project ideas. The Georgian teachers together with the Italian colleagues worked on the new project plan, developed its implementation stages and planned relevant activities. The seminar was attended by 250 teachers from different European countries.

The inspiration for the conference was Paris Declaration of 17 March 2015 about promotion of shared values ​​of freedom, tolerance and non-discriminatory regulations through education.

The program "eTwinning Plus" is an educational network to promote cooperation between schools of Europe and its neighboring countries, though which teachers connect, collaborate, implement joint projects and share experience to each other. The program operates through an online platform that provides a working space for the program participant teachers and offers them a variety of tools for the implementation of their tasks.