Laboratory Safety Training under "Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project" in progress
News ArchiveSeptember 19, 2016
Within the scope of the "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" project "Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project", National Center for Teacher Professional Development has launched the training module "Safety rules for working in public school science laboratories" for trainers.

The awareness of safety rules and their application is one of the essential and vital conditions for provision of effective learning process in the natural science laboratories. For this purpose, the Millennium Challenge Corporation requested the partner organization "Institute of Lab Security" to develop the training material for trainer trainings. In the autumn, the training will be provided for teachers of the "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" rehabilitated schools. “Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia” financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation has been fully rehabilitating 100 public schools. In addition, all of the above schools will be equipped with modern, natural science laboratories.

The trainer training is held by James Kaufman, the author of training materials and the expert invited from the United States. Among the training participants are the Center experts of natural science subjects and certified trainers engaged in the Teacher and School Director Professional Development project.

The training will deal with such important issues as working with and storage of the chemical reagents, waste disposal, and environmental aspects of laboratory work, electric safety, fire protection activities, accident prevention and development of safety plan.

Teacher and School Director Professional Development project has been implemented with the financial support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.