Registration for professional development course for new group of practicing teachers announced
News ArchiveSeptember 15, 2016
National Center for Teacher Professional Development has announced the registration of applicants for the first part of 5-credit professional development course. The course is designed for active and practicing teachers, who have passed subject exams.

The first part of the training is focused on development of professional skills and consists of two modules, in particular:

  • Inclusive education
  • Modern approaches to teaching and assessment

The successful completion of the first phase will enable practicing teachers to register for the second part of the course oriented on improvement of particular subject-matter knowledge and knowledge activation.

You can register for the course on the website of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development until 30 September inclusive.

The Professional Development Course is being carried out within the framework of Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme. The course is one of the mandatory activities in order to obtain the teacher’s status.

For registration, please follow the link: