Project "Teach for Georgia" participants awarded with certificates
News ArchiveSeptember 06, 2016
George Machabeli, Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development met with the participants of the program - "Teach for Georgia" and awarded them with the program training certificates and ancillary professional literature.

The meeting was attended by 172 teachers who participated in the program last year and under the results of the annual portfolio evaluation, are still continuing teaching in the mountainous and border region schools.

The consultant-teachers, within the framework of the program, took a several day training on teacher self-assessment, academic research and educational resource development and ultimately, participated in the conference.

As a result of the competition announced in 2016 within the program, new participants have already been selected, who after the successful completion of the training will be allocated to schools.

The program "Teach for Georgia" has been successfully implemented for several years so far. The program aims to provide equal access to education and enhance teaching quality at public schools of mountainous regions by attracting qualified personnel.