Project “The World’s Largest Lesson”
News ArchiveSeptember 02, 2016
National Center for Teacher Professional Development has joined the project “The World's Largest Lesson" supported by UNICEF.

The project is designed to introduce to students “Global Goals for Sustainable Development” developed by the United Nations. During the event, the lesson will take place simultaneously in different schools of the world.

Since the international program is provided in English language, the lesson will be conducted by English and geography teachers in pairs; thus, public and private school teachers of the above mentioned subjects will be able to participate in the project. The lesson will be held on September 19-23 of this year.

It should be noted that the project is carried out in Georgia for the second time. Last year, "The World's Largest Lesson" was held in 30 public and private schools of Georgia.

If you are interested, please register from September 2 to September 9, inclusive.