Five-credit course for practicing teacher professional development in progress
News ArchiveAugust 31, 2016
A 5-credit training course is being held for practicing teachers throughout Georgia. Currently, the Center representatives are in Ozurgeti and monitor the progress of the course.

The first part of the training cycle is focused on enhancement of professional skills and consists of two modules:
  • Inclusive education;
  • Modern approaches to teaching and assessment.
The aim of the first stage of the course is to help teachers develop new professional skills and update their knowledge about inclusive education and provision of equal access to learning environment and to understand and implement the principles of constructivism more effectively in the teaching process, become familiar with and apply new teaching theories and effective strategies, and introduce modern methods of learner assessment.

Following the successful completion of the first stage of the course, practicing teachers will be able to register for the second part of the course focused on improvement of subject methodology and knowledge activation.

The professional development course is provided under the Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme. The course is one of the mandatory activities in order to obtain the status of a senior teacher.

So far, 1100 teachers out of 1500 practicing teachers registered in 2016 have already been trained and 6200 more practicing teachers will be gradually retrained.