Leadership Academy for public school directors
News ArchiveAugust 19, 2016
In the scope of "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" the Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project which is being implemented by National Center for Teacher Professional Development, Leadership Academy trainings for school directors are in progress. Gradually, every school director will be able to take a full course of the Academy.

Leadership Academy consists of three steps which within three years will provide public school directors with continuing professional development. Each stage of the Academy consists of several modules and encompasses training cycles and the quarterly meetings, in which participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge and skills gained at the trainings. As a result, from August 2016 to 2018 all public school directors will have participated in the long-term program of professional development.

The first Leadership Academy course consists of three modules, which includes the characteristics of the 21st century school, finance, human resources and time management, as well as examination of legal issues. The first part of school director trainings in Tbilisi and regions were launched on 15 August and will end in September.

At the first stage, the Leadership Academy training activities will involve approximately 1850 directors; All three levels will train 2085 school directors in 11 modules.

The training course under the Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project has been provided together with the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) advisory group experts. Leadership Academy aims to equip school directors with 21st century school leader essential skills and effective school management, as well as to provide a student-centered learning environment.

The Leadership Academy will be led by qualified trainers, who have been retrained under the Teacher and School Director Professional Development and Trainer School Projects.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation with the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science.