Trainer trainings for 20 000 teachers in progress
News ArchiveAugust 13, 2016
In the scope of Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project, the trainer trainings are in progress. 180 trainers are being trained in the first module of "Student-centered teaching approaches" long-term five credit general professional skills course - "Student-centered learning environment features". During the trainings, trainers will adapt the student’s role in order to better understand the content of the module, the pedagogical approaches, methods and activities, which are to be introduced by the training module.

For teachers the above mentioned training will begin in autumn 2016, and gradually all public school 7-12 grade practicing teachers of exact and natural sciences, geography and English language will be able to take it. The process will involve approximately 20 000 teachers. Under the project, minority teachers will be able to participate in the trainings that will be provided with specially translated training materials and Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani trainers will be retrained.

At the first stage, teachers will be trained in student-centered teaching basic skills and in 2017-2018 they will have the opportunity to take a relevant school subject methodology course -"Active teaching and learning approaches". In the framework of the project, in order to effectively promote the use of laboratories during the training among teachers teaching natural sciences, the "laboratory" training will be provided in two stages - the first stage of the training will cover the laboratory use safety issues. In order to maintain the sustainability of the process materials are being developed with the support of Millennium Challenge Account and trainers will be retrained by foreign consultants. 

Teacher and School Director Professional Development project has been functioning since 2016 under the second $140 million Compact signed between the US government's Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of Georgia. The project was initiated by the "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" and implemented by a qualified team of education specialists and experts of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development. The technical expertise and support for the project is provided by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Consulting Group.