Vocational teacher practical trainings launched at the production site
News ArchiveJuly 21, 2016
Within the scope of the vocational teacher professional development program, a hands-on training was held for electric wheel drive and power supply equipment program teachers in "Sakcable", a plant located in Zestafoni. The training was attended by 7 vocational education teachers from various schools. The teachers instruct about 100 future specialists in various vocational schools.

During the training, teachers once again were introduced to electric wheel drive and electric supply equipment technician professional standards, learned about the company’s current technological processes and principles and the enterprise equipment software management rules. One of the important components of the training-module was to raise awareness of the operating machinery safety standards.

For provision of hands-on trainings it is especially important the enterprise to be well equipped and use the latest technology in its operations. "Sakcable" fully meets the requirements, and in addition, employs experienced and highly qualified staff.

As for electric wheel drive and electric supply equipment technician profession, the specialist may be employed in enterprises and organizations the technological process of which applies special machinery, including water supply systems, crane-transportation machines, escalators, ventilation systems, etc.

Currently, you can master the profession at Zugdidi State University, Akaki Tsereteli State University, as well as colleges - "Iberia" and "Modus".