"eTwinning Plus" project participant teachers took part in a seminar held in Poland
News ArchiveJuly 07, 2016
Warsaw hosted a seminar for "eTwinning Plus" program participant teachers from various European countries. From Georgia, the program coordinator and two project registered teachers Nadia Dabrundashvili and Sopiko Vashakidze participated in the program.

The seminar aimed at sharing best practices and ideas and the activities planned by the program participants. With the view of teacher professional development, British and Polish ambassadors offered teachers a range of workshops, which will help them actively work on the “eTwining Plus” portal and provide interesting projects.

The seminar participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with European colleagues, identify common interests, visions and new project ideas. The Georgian teachers cooperated with Polish, Slovakian and Croatian counterparts on a new project plan, its implementation stages and also planned appropriate activities. The seminar included more than 70 teachers from different European states.

The program "eTwinning Plus" is an educational network created to promote the cooperation between European and its neighboring countries under which teachers connect, collaborate, implement joint projects and share experience. The program implements its activities through an online platform, which provides working space for program participant teachers and offers them a variety of tools to fulfill their own tasks.