National Center for Teacher Professional Development Center held a working meeting with representatives of European Foundation for Quality Management
News ArchiveJuly 05, 2016
At the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, within the implementation framework of EFQM “Excellence Model”, a working meeting was held. The meeting was chaired by Susan Caldsmit, the consultant at European Foundation for Quality Management.

The Center employees and Foundation representatives jointly discussed the ongoing activities and processes of the Center. Moreover, self- reflection was provided and tasks and challenges were identified facing the organization.

The major role in the process of "Excellence Model" implementation is assigned to self-reflection i.e. assessment of the development in order to assess the key issues, such as strategic plans, customer survey and process management. The aim of the meeting was to identify the areas which require development and design the projects with particular direction.

The implementation of EFQM "Excellence Model" is carried out with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).