National Center for Teacher Professional Development arranged an award ceremony of winners of art competition -"My Teacher"
News ArchiveJuly 01, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development arranged the award ceremony for the winners of the art competition - "My Teacher".

The painting contest initiated by the Center was announced two months ago with the aim to promote the teacher’s profession. The contest participants had to submit a drawing on their teachers and their activities. The competition involved more than 300 students. The winners were revealed through “Likes” gathered in the social network.

As a result of the assessment provided by the Social Network users, the first place went to Mary Eliozashvili, second grader of the public school in village Mejvriskhevi, Gori region. The Second place was awarded to Gvanca Alimbarashvili XI grader of the Public School of Village Khidistavi, Gori region, and the third place went to Maya Pataridze, V-grader of Gori N7 public school.

The ceremony was also attended by the authors of 40 best works identified through the social network, their teachers and parents. In addition, the Center named its favorite author - Mary Jvaridze, X grader of Borjomi N3 public school.

George Machabeli, Director of the Center awarded and granted the winners books and household appliances as presents.

The aim of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development is to promote the teacher's profession by designing this type of competition and encourage more active involvement of students and facilitate the growth of the prestige of the profession within school environment and community.