Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development familiarized himself with the progress of “School of Trainers” trainings
News ArchiveJune 29, 2016

George Machabeli, Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development, within the project "Teacher and School Director Professional Development" initiated by the Millennium Challenge Corporation, familiarized himself with the progress of the training process of those trainers who have 2 year and more experience. The training was also attended by a group of international experts who arrived in Georgia a few days ago. The aim of the experts’ visit under the project is to develop subject modules by taking into account the international standards.

With the financial support of Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia, 140 trainers are taking the training module "Student-Centered Learning Process", specially designed for the purposes of the project. The trainers have been selected through the competition announced by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and by considering the project needs and objectives.

The training module within the Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project has been prepared by the foreign consultant. The module is based on modern teaching approaches and focuses on development of the professional skills necessary for implementation of student-centered teaching process. The training the course will help trainers to reconsider the learner-centered approaches.

The underlying factor for creation of School of Trainers was the recent growing demand for professional development and the lack of trainers especially in the regions. For the past two years the Center has been working on the concept of School of Trainers, which was finalized and implemented with the support of the Millennium Challenge Account-Georgia. The trainer standards, the trainer training and professional development regulations, as well as the modules for trainer training and retraining have been developed. The growth of regional coverage has become the priority of School of Trainers. Currently 300 experienced as well as inexperienced trainer candidates are being retrained.

The trainers trained and retrained under the project, from August-September 2016, will lead the professional development of public school VII-XII grade chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, English and geography teachers and school directors and significantly contribute to the development of the human resources in Tbilisi and regions.