TPDC issues Teacher Professional Development Scheme Guide in a new Format
News ArchiveJune 11, 2016
National Center for Teacher Professional Development published the guide designed for teachers involved in the Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement scheme in a new leaflet format. The publication is made up of 3 parts – for practicing, head and leading teachers and provides status relevant definitions and recommendations. George Machabeli, Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, personally handed the additional resource to the public school teachers of Satsire, Tkibuli Municipality and listened to opinions of the school administration and teachers on the implementation of the scheme.

So far, TPDC has developed for teachers involved in the scheme two parts of the guide, which detail every stage of the scheme implementation and activities for those involved thereof. As the Center authority stated, the aim of developing the guide in a brochure format is to help teachers find information on a variety of professional development activities and the recommendations of the Center experts according to their own status.

In addition to the guide, the Center offers teachers and school administrations other types of assistance, including counseling, training and other supportive activities.