Unprecedented number of teachers has been registered for the certification examinations
News ArchiveApril 02, 2012
41000 teachers will pass certification exams this year. This number has doubled since last year. The opportunity to take the exams is given to all subject teachers this year, alongside with the certified teachers who now have a chance to pass certification exams in the English language and computer skills. For the first time this year, certified teachers of the subjects of natural sciences are given a chance to take exams as well. They will be examined in the experimental portion of physics and chemistry and receive supplemental salary.

It’s worth noting that the growth in teachers’ motivation was caused by several factors, one of which is an increased salary. A certified teacher's salary scheme is as follows: certified teachers will receive supplemental allowance in the range of 75GEL; successfully passed exams in the English language and computer skills will be remunerated with 200GEL; those with highest scores, identified in top 25% after having passed integrated exams, will receive an augmented salary up to 1000GEL. Teachers who will take lab exams will get additional 75GEL. 

The Teachers’ house welcomes teachers to prepare for certification exams and special trainings are delivered on the daily basis. Trainings on English language and computer skills, as well as in experimental portion of natural science subjects are available. Hundreds of teachers attend special trainings at Teachers’ house daily. Each training module is designed to reflect exam topics. Teachers’ retraining is conducted by TPDC experts and invited specialists.