Professional Orientation and Career Planning Managers attend a 2 day Training Course
News ArchiveApril 13, 2016
A 2 day training course was jointly organized by TPDC and Millennium Challenge Account Georgia for Orientation and Career Planning Managers in vocational institutions. The training was led by Millennium Challenge Account international trainer- Alexander Sibon. 

The training aims at providing orientation and career planning managers of Vocational institutions with the skills such as : teacher needs analysis, teacher on job training planning, facilitation and training evaluation.

Students carry out practical activities in plants as part of the teaching practice component, thus it’s important for teachers to possess information on modern technologies in plants and the inner structure of plants. During the on-job trainings in plants, teachers will have a chance to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. Vocational teacher professional trainings contributes to strengthening of vocational institutions as well as promotes the collaboration among various plants.

In the nearest future, teacher trainings will be carried out based on student needs.