Public School Principle Selection Contest Under Way
News ArchiveApril 05, 2012
The first stage of school principle selection contest is under way. Computerized exam for candidates willing to become school principals will last until April 12, 2012.

Examination program includes several directions: legislative base, organization of the teaching process and curriculum related assessment, school financial management, logical thinking and human management. 

Contestants are given 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam. It’s worth noting that along with acting school principals, citizens with higher education diplomas and without prior experience in school principal position are also welcome.

School principal selection contest includes two stages. In case of successful completion of the computerized examination, principal candidate will go through the interview. Each of the candidates will have to make a presentation to the selection board composed of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia representatives.

Candidates who successfully complete both stages, will be given a special certificate with authentication of principle candidate status valid for 7 years.

Upon Minister’s decree the candidates will be proposed for the vacant school principle positions, after that it is the responsibility of the school board to make nominations.

The First Deputy Minister, Koka Seperteladze and the head of Teacher Professional Development Center, Gia Mamulashvili has observed the ongoing contest today.