Introductory Course on Professional Development for Inclusive Education Specialist
News ArchiveMarch 20, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development launched introductory course on professional development for Inclusive Education Specialist. The course will be attended by more than 500 Special education teachers, Inclusive Education Coordinators and Psychologist.

The course consists of 120 training hours and will last for 14 weeks. The course participants will get acquainted with 6 various teaching modules: development and developmental violations, pedagogical evaluating of special needs students, teaching strategies and developmental theories; lesson planning and material adaptation; managing difficult behavior and individual curriculum. TPDC will provide training and reading materials for the course participants.

The course aims at deepening Inclusive Education Specialists’ knowledge in various Inclusive Education dimensions, contributing to enhancing special needs students education at schools. Upon the successful course completion, the training participants will be granted corticated. The long-term course is carried out throughout Georgia.