Teacher Evaluation Group Trainings
News ArchiveFebruary 29, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development launched Teacher Evaluation Group trainings throughout Georgia.

The training participants will receive information on the functions and obligations of inner evaluation groups, will get acquainted with Teacher Portfolio Structure and the list of the obligatory documents to be submitted within teacher portfolios certifying obligatory and additional activities within the scheme, also will get information on the professional portfolio evaluation rule, procedures and evaluation criteria; will get information on the importance of teacher developed materials in the teaching process and the types of resources to be evaluated within the scheme and study rubrics appraisal.

Upon the trainings completion, each participant will be evaluated. Evaluation Group member will only be granted with a certificate, in case s/he attends each and every module and gets minimum of 60 scores at the evaluation score scale of 100.

After the successful trainings completion and certificate winning, each evaluation group member will be able to successfully complete the teacher portfolio evaluation.