A Conference organized by the “Teach for Georgia” Consultant-Teacher
News ArchiveFebruary 12, 2016

A Conference: “Georgia Facing the World Challenges” was organized by the “Teach for Georgia” Consultant-Teacher Liana Mamulashvili at the Dedoplistskaro region village Samtastkaro public school. 11-th grade students, total of 55 and the “Traveler’s Club” participated in conference.

The conference themes varied and concerned such issues as: Georgian diplomatic and international relations, ecological issues, Georgia’s role in resolving the world challenges and Georgia’s role in a European family. More than 30 themes selected by the students concerned Europe and the European structures. The conference was concluded by active discussion.

The conference aimed at deepening the student knowledge in social sciences, improving the learning and teaching qualities, developing critical and analytical skills and democratic values in students.

The conference were attended by the Samtatskaro school administration, teaching staff and representative of local community and self-governing bodies.