Appellation for 2011-2014 “Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme” is over
News ArchiveFebruary 10, 2016

Appellation for evaluation within the 2011-2014 “Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme” is over. Total of 1226 appellation applications have been submitted to TPDC by teachers for renewed evaluation within the scheme. 81 % of teachers of various subjects have been evaluated successfully, on the grounds of partial or complete credit granting.

In total 70% of teachers out of 5266 got positive evaluations in lesson planning, 39% -in creating the educational resources and 55%- for professional development activities.

28% (1449) teachers got 6 credits, meaning their professional promotion in the near future.

Based on the statistical analysis most teachers successfully completed the evaluation process and have chances of promotion within the new scheme.

Several problems connected with teachers’ IT skills, filling in and correct uploading of the evaluation document in the eschool program emerged. Although the experience had been shared within the inner school evaluation groups.

Some teachers had not got acquainted with the evolution rules and criteria, that resulted in incorrect document submission.

More than 200 teachers submitted the requests for evaluation in TPDC, but since these teachers hadn’t been involved in the old scheme, their evaluation was not possible.

Some teachers expressed their dissatisfaction concerning the fact that trainings attendance or conference participation weren’t “directly” reflected in the scheme. Although TPDC had declared from the very start that the evaluation aimed at the quality assurance for tracking the number of activities. Also the credit maximum had been defined and reflected in the old scheme.

TPDC has started uploading the appellation results in eschool program. Each teacher with negative evaluation will get a report written by the appellation committee. This will teachers in future developmental evaluation process. The National Center for Teacher Professional Development thanks all the teachers for involvement in the old scheme from 2011 and for putting maximal efforts in their professional development.