National Center for Teacher Professional Development involved in the Vocational Teacher Professional Development Workshops
News ArchiveDecember 15, 2015

National Center for Teacher Professional Development hosted a workshop on Vocational Teacher Professional Development initiated by the German Embassy. The meeting were attended by the representatives of various German companies in Georgia, vocational education German experts and the authors of various German projects.

The workshops will be set up monthly and aim at the exchange of expertise experience in the vocational education filed.

The workshop was held in TPDC for the first time, but it has been agreed upon that TPDC will be full member of the future workshops since vocational education teachers play a vital role in vocational education system advancement.

As the German Embassy -Katerine Derkor stated, the Embassy and companies value the collaboration with the state institutions.

UNDP also expressed wishes of collaboration in teacher initial training and professional development direction . Caritas Georgia will be involved in the process as well, teachers will be trained in  Module, developed by the German experts.

International organization –GIZ , which closely collaborates with German Embassy and TPDC also participated in the workshop.