Deputy Minister visits the Trainings in National Center for Teacher Professional Development
News ArchiveDecember 09, 2015

The first Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia- Ketevan Natriashvili attended the joint European Union and Euro Council trainings within the project ”Promoting Human Rights Education and Democratic Citizenship in the Eastern Partnership Countries” .

The target audiences for the 4-day trainings, aiming at promoting teaching components in human rights and democratic citizenship, are the university and school sectors.

The training goals are promoting teaching democracy at the secondary and high education levels through initial teacher trainings programs at the universities and further teacher professional development systems. The trainings are carried out by European Council experts in TPDC.

The trainings participants retrieve information on learning goals, principles and documents on democratic citizenship and human rights, school culture types, framework for democratic education competencies, general vision on teaching democracy and its practical application at the initial teacher training programs and further teacher professional development systems, school and university collaboration issues, strategies on fighting prejudice and discrimination, principles on European Councils teaching resources and modules development.

Upon the completion of the first training cycle, the participants will have sufficient knowledge and competences on teaching methodology of human rights and democratic citizenship.

Trainings are result-oriented and require the preparation of one module covering one of the 15 teacher competencies of human rights and democratic citizenship by participant teachers from December to February. The training participants will get consultations from experts on project preparation.

Upon the modules development and the 2-nd trainings cycle completion, the developed pilot modules will be approved, later disseminated in two directions: Initial Teacher trainings programs at the university level and teacher professional development systems.

6 Eastern partner countries are involved in the project. The countries will share their best practices within the project.

The democratic education aims at promoting harmonies co-existence, promoting tolerance and peace in non-discriminatory environment.