Teachers awarded within the Conference on Information and Communication Technologies
News ArchiveNovember 22, 2015

A gala evening was organized with the conference on Information and Communication Technologies, where the conference participants had been awarded. 10 conference presenters had awarded with monetary award from “Liberty Bank”, including the teacher who was first to register for the conference.

3 poster exhibits authors were awarded with PC-s, planshets and photo cameras by companies ‘Esabi” and “Intel”.

2 teachers winners of the “Mix” contest had been awarded by the company “Microsoft” . The winners had been revealed by companies and evaluation commissions.

More than 250 school teachers, ICT specialists and experts participate in the conference organized by TPDC.

The conference was attended by more than 250 school teachers, ICT specialists and experts. The conference aimed at sharing the best practical experiences of using ICT for educational purposes among the teachers, experts, university representatives and ICT organizations and updating the stakeholders on the innovations in the sphere.

The conference was sponsored and supported by: Intel, Microsoft, Liberty Bank and Esabi