National Center for Teacher Professional Development Organizes a Conference on Information and Communication Technologies
News ArchiveNovember 20, 2015

A conference on Information and Communication Technologies was held in Courtyard Marriot on November 20.

The conference aimed at sharing the best practical experiences of using ICT for educational purposes among the teachers, experts, university representatives and ICT organizations and updating the stakeholders on the innovations in the sphere.

The conference themes were: teaching and learning in the digital era, research on using ICT for educational purposes and technological infrastructure.

The conference was attended by the school ICT specialists, representative of MoES, ICT companies, international organizations and academia.

250 people have been involved in the event organization, 58 of whom were also presenters at the conference.

The conference was sponsored and supported by: Intel, Microsoft, Liberty Bank and Esabi.

3 day conference format is rather diverse and consists of 1. Plenary meetings of the invited experts 2. Parallel sessions, where the participants present innovative ideas on the best practices and strategies of ICT implementation; 3.Poster sessions where the information on the best ICT teacher practices or successful project are submitted in the interactive format; 4.Technology sessions “ Bring your own Gadget” which includes practical works on computes; 5.School visits aiming at first hand experience of the best ICT practices at schools or observing some specific technological devices.

The technological exhibition was organized on the first day of the conference for the ICT companies and companies manufacturing tools for the education segment. The exhibition aims at presenting the technological opportunities used in the educational sector and retrieving feedback on school needs. Practical application of technological devices will be possible at the conference.

Based on the experiences of the previous years, the conference organizes believe that the conference will assist teachers in developing new strategies of ICT integration in classrooms. The school management on the other hand will get information on using digital tools in the learning process and improving students records via Information and Communication Technologies. ICT managers will get information on improving the Information and Communication Technologies infrastructure at schools. University representatives will have a chance to learn more about the current trends and tendencies on learning and teaching practices. ICT companies will get aware of school needs and challenges, updated tendencies on ICT use in classroom, models and strategies of technological infrastructure.

The conference participants will be nominated according to various criteria and will be awarded by the conference sponsors. All the conference participants will be awarded with certificates.

A conference on Information and Communication Technologies is held annually. The participants wishing to participate have to register at the web-page: The conference participants can make set up their own agendas, read small resumes and select the sessions they’d like to attend. The event will close on November 22.