Electronic and hard copy versions of “Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme” developed
News ArchiveSeptember 12, 2015

National Center for Teacher Professional Development has developed the first part of the “Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme” guideline. The guideline is envisioned as supporting material for teachers and school administrators in the Scheme implementation process.

The electronic version of the guideline has already been uploaded at the TPDC web-site, whereas the hard copies will be disseminated to all school throughout the country within a couple of days.


The guideline covers in detail all the scheme implementation stages as well as the activities to be carried out by teachers involved in the scheme. As the TPDC management stated the guideline will offer practical assistance to teachers, school administration and evaluation groups.


Apart from the guideline, TPDC offers various assistance to teachers and school administrators, such as : consultancy, trainings, etc.

The second part of the guideline will have been published by the end of the year.

To download the guideline please follow the link below: http://tpdc.ge/?action=page&p_id=1000&lang=geo