Vocational Education Teachers Trainings
News ArchiveSeptember 04, 2015

On –job trainings were organized within the TPDC “Vocational Education Professional Development” program stylists teachers in “Ici-Paris” beauty center. Teachers had the chance to get acquainted with the latest methods and techniques in stylist profession.

The trainings were preceded by a survey on teacher needs based on stylist professional stanrads and selecting training themes.

The trainings are planned for tiling-specialists, accountants, 3-D graphic designer and wool-felt masters.

TPDC carries out various activities for boosting vocational education teachers’ professional skills and competencies.

All the surveys of vocational education teachers show that one of the major academic needs of vocational teachers are the on-job, industrial trainings. The program fully meets the vocational education teacher needs, thus contributing to their professional development.