Georgian Language for Future Success
News ArchiveMay 10, 2012
Upon the initiative of President of Georgia, Ministry of Science and Education has developed a new strategy concerning teaching Georgian language to national minorities living in Georgia. In the scope of the new strategy, different events are being carried out in the regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti, Qvemo Qartli and Kakheti. These events include formal and informal ways of education.

The strategy is conducted by Teacher’s Professional Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Education of Georgia, in the scope of the project Georgian Language for Future Success.

The program mentioned above aims at strengthening Georgian language teaching activities as follows: creating new teaching materials, developing bilingual teaching in every non-Georgian school, teachers’ development, sending teachers to Samtkhe-Javakheti, Qvemo Qartli and Kakheti regions.

It’s worth noting that several hundred volunteer teachers are already involved in the project. They have been living in the above-mentioned regions for one academic year already, teaching Georgian language to members of ethnic minorities. Teacher’s professional Development Center announces registration for those willing to participate in the program and work in the regions from 20th September 2012 till 15th June 2013.

Any Georgian native speaker with the Bachelor’s degree can participate in the program. The program participants will receive a monthly salary. In addition, young people with bachelor’s degree will receive a special grant after the completion of the program and passing the Bachelor’s exams. Program participants will live with local families in the region for one academic year. All participants will undergo special training in the principles of pedagogy.

Registration period lasts until 20th June 2012.

Please note that the marked (*) fields are required to fill, otherwise, registration will fail.

Registered candidates, who meet the requirements for participation in the program, will undergo testing in the Georgian language and literature. Successful applicants will have an interview.