Registration for Assessment of Teacher Involved in Old Teacher Professional Development Scheme Begins from August 20
News ArchiveAugust 18, 2015

National Center for Teacher Professional Development approved a regulatory document on assessment of teachers involved in Teacher Professional Development Scheme in 2011-2014.

According to the regulatory document, the compliance of professional activities carried out by teachers involved in old Teacher Professional Development Scheme with criteria set by the new Scheme will lead to accumulation of credit scores.

The activities will be assessed based on teacher electronic portfolios by the committees set up by the TPDC Director decree and consisting of no less than 3 members.

The assessment of teacher competences involved in the old Teacher Professional Development Scheme will be carried out by the following trends:

· Teaching process planning and management

· Creation of learning resources

· Professional development

· Professional research


The latter trend only applies to certified teachers with PhD degrees.

Teachers must present at least one best activity per trend as defined by the assessment regulations. The decision is based on quality enhancement principle. The quality activities per trend are sufficient grounds for revealing teacher competencies and potential.

In case of the activities compliance with the set criteria, the activities will be considered as supplement in new scheme and will lead to credit accumulations for teachers.

Assessments will be transparent since it will be based on lucid instruments- rubrics and questions provided to teachers previously, together with consultations by TPDC.


Teachers wishing to participate in the above mentioned process can submit an application and report on carried out activities to ERC-s from August 20- September 11; also the schools where teachers are employed can upload reports on carried out actives in Education Management Information System (eSchol).

Document electronic upload and assessment has been an innovation to TPDC. It will be a pilot project for teachers who will have to work in electronic system within the new scheme. TPDC will provide maximal assistance for facilitating the process and making it maximally comfortable.


The instructions for document upload will be posted on TPDC and EMIS web-pages and will be sent to all educational institutions.

Teachers will have sufficient time for reviewing their portfolios, selecting the best activities, uploading them in the system and making sure that the assessment process will be absolutely transparent.


For detailed information please follow the link below.