Vocational Teacher Professional Development Discussed at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development
News ArchiveAugust 14, 2015

Vocational Teacher professional development thematic group meeting has been held at TPDC. Center representatives discussed the issues of Vocational Teacher professional development with other thematic group members, foreign experts included.

The Program is based on concept of preparation of pre-service and professional development of in-service Vocational Education Teachers approved by the Georgian Government in 2014.

Vocational Teacher preparation program implies developing a pedagogic course for vocational teachers. The program also entails teaching methods for adults, hands-on activities, student assessment methods, self-professional development and teaching theories.

The pedagogical course is mandatory for pre-service teachers, as for the in-service Vocational Education teachers, they will attend the courses simultaneously with their major activities.

The courses will be offered in various ways for in-service teachers, like face to face or distant learning (electronic trainings) .

Vocational Teacher Professional Development thematic group is among the 9 thematic groups set up and approved by EU Vocational Development Project. The thematic groups aims at promoting vocational education and developing strategies for its realization.

The thematic group members include the representatives of : donor, international organizations, vocational colleges, Quality Enhancement and Development Center and private sector.