National Center for Teacher Professional Development Announces Registration for Trainings for School Administrators and Personnel
News ArchiveAugust 11, 2015

National Center for Teacher Professional Development is launching professional development trainings for public school administrators, librarians, clerks and ERC staff .

The registration is possible at TPDC web-site, the interested candidates can register according to their interests in various sub-modules.

The school principals will get acquainted with the principles and trends of Inclusive Education during the offered trainings.

The trainings for school clerks will provide information on student registration and personal files management , school correspondence management, electronic communication and rules and regulations concerning public information provision.

The librarians and ERC staff will get aware of methodology of dealing with school community, library related events and projects managements.

Trainings are free for public school staff and administrators, also for the ERC staff. Other interested candidates will be charged.