75 Ethnic Minority Students in Kechkhobi Summer Camp
News ArchiveJuly 24, 2015
A summer camp has been organized for the ethnic minority students within the program ”Georgian Language for Future Success” . 75 ethnic Azeri and Armenian students reside at the camp currently.

The students’ civilian understanding is increasing alongside with improving Georgian Language level and getting aware of multicultural issues. The study program also covers : basic journalism, fine and applied art, music, dance, communicative skills and sports.

Program ”Georgian Language for Future Success” organizes summer camps annually. It’s been the fourth camp so far. A new flow of students are going to visit Kechkhobi in a few days.

According to the program managers and teachers, time spent at the camp is vital for forming friendship bonds among various ethnic groups and their social integration .

By the end of summer 150 ethnic minority students will have visited the summer camp.