National Center for Teacher Professional Development Representatives’ visit to Chile and Brazil
News ArchiveJuly 14, 2015

Giorgi Machabeli- Director and Irine Abuladze -Deputy Director, National Center for Teacher Professional Development are holding official meeting in Chile and Brazil with the support of the World Bank and Millennium Challenge Account. The meetings are also attended by the World Bank Georgia representative -Nino Kutateladze and Millennium Challenge Account representatives: Marina Kutateladze and Magda Maghradze.

The workshops had been held with the representatives of Ministry of Education, Quality Management and Teacher Professional Development Centers, National Education Councils and Accreditation Center in Chile. Currently meetings are held with the representatives of education specialists in the capital of Federative Republic of Brazil: Brazil.

The teacher professional development system is based on European and US systems, where professional development and career advancement policies are also applied. These countries, in spite of their many years of experience in the sphere, still face the challenge of attracting and maintaining qualified staff in profession. The visits aims at sharing these experiences and applying them in practice.