Trainers Awarded in the Teacher’s House
News ArchiveMay 20, 2012
Trainers of natural sciences, English language and Computer Skills has been awarded due to successfully conducted trainings. The head of National Center for Teacher Professional Development Gia Mamulashvili awarded the participants of the program Teach and Learn with Georgia as well. The trainers were granted electronic books `Iota Readers` and TV sets. 

It’s worth noting that trainings in experimental piece of natural sciences, as well as preparation course for integrated exam in English Language and Computer Skills has started several months ago in the Teacher’s House. Intensive trainings for certified teachers were provided on daily basis and lasted for hours. Trainings in experimental piece of natural sciences were conducted in the “Einstein Laboratory”. Two separate equipped rooms were available for teachers preparing for English language and Computer Skills integrated exams. 

This year, the certified teachers of natural sciences took exams in experimental piece of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for the first time. Unprecedented number of teachers gained high scores and passed the exams successfully. 

Physics- 83% 
Chemistry - 74% 

The success of effectively conducted trainings is proved by one more unprecedented data: the number of teachers who successfully passed exams in English language and Computer Skills has doubled since 2011. These results can be attributed to the program “Teach and Learn With Georgia”. 

Teachers’ certification program serves the purpose of qualification improvement and salary increase. A certified teacher's salary scheme is as follows: certified teachers will receive supplemental allowance in the range of 75GEL; successfully passed exams in the English language and computer skills will be remunerated with 200GEL; those with highest scores, identified in top 25% after having passed integrated exams, will receive an augmented salary up to 1000GEL. Teachers who will take lab exams will get additional 75GEL.