National Center for Teacher Professional Development Selects Trainer-Consultants
News ArchiveJune 21, 2015

TPDC Regular Competition-Attestation Commission has selected 45 trainer-consultants with the aim of “Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme” effective implementation in mind . The trainer-consultants will provide consultations to schools and teachers in the scheme implementation process and plan trainings as needed.

Regular Competition-Attestation Commission included the TPDC management, invited expert-consultants and the representative of the Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union.

The trainer-consultants were selected on group interview principle. TPDC sent the competition participants the tentative themes/directions titles upon which the interview questions had been based. The participants answered the interview question on random selection principle. The interview themes included: “Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme” , Adult Education and Teacher Professional Standards. The contest participants had the chance to listen to other participants’ answers. The competition format contributed to the contest openness and transparency-TPDC major priority. Also the Regular Competition-Attestation Commission had the chance to evaluate the candidates’ presentation and trainer skills , required for a trainer-consultant position.

Candidates’ working experience with ethnic minorities (as well as possessing the knowledge of ethnic minority languages) had been considered along with contestant’s professional experience and skills, since geographical area provides the opportunity of collaborating with all schools throughout Georgia

Many qualified candidates participated in the contest, but the competition was highly competitive : initially there were 500 applications and 395 made it to the second round of the contest and only 45 have been selected as successful candidates.

The high number of submitted applications gave TPDC an opportunity to create the professional information data-base, implying the collaboration with the reserve candidates for carrying out the activities planned in 2015-2016.