Best Teachers Awarded
News ArchiveMay 25, 2012
From a new academic year, 250 teachers from all over the country will get monthly 1000 GEL salary. This year certified teachers passed integrated exams in English and Computer skills. Today First Deputy Minister of Education and Science Koka Sepherteladze awarded three teachers, who showed the best results in exams with personal computers and recognized their achievements.

Teona Sherezadashvili- Georgian Language and Literature Teacher at Oni Public School;
Mikheil Gabiskiria- Physics and Math Teacher at Komarov School;
Ketevan Barkhudanashvili- English language teacher at Telavi public school#3

This year over 1600 certified teachers participated in English Language and Computer Skills integrated exams. 54% passed exams successfully. Teachers with best results will get salary amounting to 1000 GEL. Others will get an additional 200 GEL.

It’s worth noting that integrated exams were conducted for the second time. Compared to 2011 year, an increased number of teachers participated in the exams and most of them successfully passed the minimum score. On May, 28 the results of appeal will also be known.

High results can be attributed to the program “Teach and Learn With Georgia” initiated by the President and effective trainings organized by the Teacher’s Professional Development Center. It’s also believed that a huge motivation for the teachers is an increased salary.

Teacher’s professional Development Center was conducting special trainings several months before the exams. Intensive trainings were provided on daily bases. Teachers from all over the country participated in them. Teacher’s House prepared 356 teachers from all the regions of Georgia. Teacher’s preparation was conducted using special training-modules.