Meeting Held with Sunday School Teachers
News ArchiveMay 28, 2012
Special trainings for Sunday School teachers has started in The Teacher’s House. Teachers of Georgian, History and Geography will be provided with trainings which will last for three days.

Overall 22 Georgian immigrant teachers arrived from Great Britain, Germany, France, Greece and Ukraine to Georgia, with the purpose of enhancing their professional qualification. Training programs had been developed according to their individual needs and through long consultations.

The Minister of Science and Education of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkini, the State Minister of Georgia on Diaspora Issues Papuna Davitaia and the Head of Teacher’s Professional Development Center, Gia Mamulashvili met with the participants. The ministers awarded them with netbooks. Sunday schools work and their needs have been discussed during the meeting. Dimitri Shashiki also highlighted ongoing reforms in education system.

It’s worth noting that 55 immigrant teachers arrived to Georgia in the framework of Diaspora Days. Teacher’s House is planning farther cooperation with Sunday Schools. Trainings are going to be conducted abroad in future.