Vocational Education Teachers will have Industrial Trainings
News ArchiveApril 30, 2015

A 2 day seminar was held for vocational education facilitators in the National Center for Teacher Professional Development. The main topic of the seminar was identifying the teacher professional needs.

The seminar participants discussed issues like the importance of private sector in modular program implementation, teacher competences and attraction of young professionals. Vocational education facilitators presented various ways of teacher professional development.

Aside from traditional trainings, TPDC is planning industrial trainings for teachers. Teachers will visit various plants meeting he international standards and get acquainted with the work specifics there, also get consultations from the employers first-hand. Several priority professions have been selected for that reason: 3 D graphic design specialist, publishing technical designer, diagnostician-repairer of electric and digit gadgets, shoe and leather accessories specialist and fabric quality manager specialist.