Book “Parent Effectiveness Training” by Thomas Gordon Presentation
News ArchiveDecember 15, 2014

Thomas Gordon ‘s books: “Parent Effectiveness Training” and teacher book: “ Teacher Effectiveness Training” presentations were held in Teacher House. LiaGigauri, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia attended the presentation.


Thomas Gordon ‘s books: “Parent Effectiveness Training” is a world bestseller and it has been published in more than 70 countries. Gordon founded a world famous company that offers educational programs to parents, leaders and teachers. The book will be assisting tools for parents and school teachers to resolve multiple problems. The book was translated in Georgian Nino Chiaberashvili.

Center magazine “ the Teacher” and internet newspaper „" also presented a “Teacher’ Book”. The book will publish annually and it will include the best article published during the year.

The second book “Teacher Effectiveness Training” is targeted on primary school teachers. Every method or case study is maximally adapted to Georgian reality and isn’t confided only to theoretical judgment or analysis.

The book covers such topics as:

  • Developing creative thinking in students at the primary level;
  • Creating the learning atmosphere at the primary level;
  • Assisting primary level school students in developing the communication skills;

The book will be of great help forprimary level teachers in improving the teaching practices in classrooms.

The books can be bought at Teacher house and shops “Primavera” and Biblus books stores.