The Head of the Center Meets Teachers
News ArchiveOctober 30, 2014

The National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development continues series of information meetings on teachers’ professional development and career growth scheme. Today, the head of the Center met with the teachers of non-Georgian schools from Tsalka municipality and provided detailed information on aims and important novelties of the new scheme.

The head of the Center shed light on some important issues as follow: qualification stages defined by scheme; opportunities that enable teachers to move forward from one category to another in a shorter period of time; activities that can be evaluated; teachers’ assessment ways and pay raise which is linked to teachers’ achievements.

The aim of the meeting was to provide teachers with the detailed information in an interactive mode, taking their notes into consideration.

It’s worth noting, that the head and representatives of the National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development continue similar meetings with teachers of regional schools of Georgia.