Poland Embassy to Georgia Provided Help to Barisakho School
News ArchiveOctober 17, 2014

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Education of Georgia Lia Gigauri, Poland’s Deputy Ambassador to Georgia and other representatives of the embassy of Poland to Georgia attended the opening ceremony of the library at Barisakho public school. Lia Giagauri met the teachers and introduced some novelties regarding the general education. The Deputy Minister gave answers to all questions she was asked.

It’s worth noting, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland annually announces the contest for Small Grants in the scope of the program “Polish Aid”. The Small Grant Program envisages the grant amounting from 3000-5000 Euros equivalent to national currency.

By the initiative of administration of Barisakho public school, the project “Rehabilitation of Barisakho Public School Library” was prepared, which was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. With the financial assistance of the Ministry the school was rehabilitated and equipped with the modern inventory. The library and a classroom was filled with new school books. The Local Government also got involved in this project and financed particular rehabilitation works in the school.

It should be noted, that Barisakho public school has 62 pupils, the learning process is proper and up-to-date, the pupils are involved in all projects announced by the MES. In the scope of the project “Teach for Georgia” the National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development deployed 6 teachers who teach various subjects at the school.